Breast Augmentation Surgery in Turkey | Your Beauty Is Just One Step Away!

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Many ladies want to look great and have a full and symmetrical chest; Therefore, breast augmentation operations in Turkey come as an ideal solution to enhance breasts and increase self-confidence
Breast Augmentation Surgery in Turkey | Your Beauty Is Just One Step Away!
Breast Augmentation Surgery in Turkey

The breast is a symbol of femininity for every woman, as it plays an important role in highlighting her beauty and enhancing her self-confidence. Therefore, Trustus Clinics were keen to offer breast augmentation surgeries in Turkey to achieve breast size consistency, tighten sagging and get rid of any changes or problems that occurred to it.

With the help of a team of the most qualified specialist doctors in Istanbul, the results are guaranteed in a safe framework without causing any side effects or serious complications.

What does breast augmentation mean in Turkey?

Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries for a large group of women. Because of its many advantages, including fullness of the breast, improving its shape, and providing a satisfactory image for its size.

As well as getting rid of problems that may result from pregnancy and its changing hormones, breastfeeding, or weight loss, through the placement of artificial implants or fat transfer.

With Trustus Clinics, our team of specialist doctors will listen to your aesthetic goals, help you remove your concerns about the procedure and answer all your inquiries and questions.

Pros of resorting to breast augmentation

There is a great benefit to this medical-cosmetic surgery, as we mentioned, which is to enhance the size of the breasts and treat the problem of differences in sizes, which affect the ideal body shape, but there are several other pros that you may reap, which are as follows:

  • Correcting the problem of breasts asymmetry, thus obtaining a balanced and perfect appearance.
  • Breast rotation which may give you a more youthful appearance.
  • Enhancing self-confidence and improving the body in general.
  • Changing the size of the nipples and areolas.

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How is breast augmentation performed in Turkey?

This surgical procedure usually takes approximately two hours, with the following steps:

  • The incision is made in one of the following areas: around the areolas, under the armpits, or under the breast, according to each patient's condition and purpose of the operation.
  • Once the incision is completed in the selected area, a pocket shape is made under the pectoral muscles or tissues.
  • And then placing the selected prosthetic implants.
  • Then close the surgical incisions in the form of layers, to provide the necessary protection for the external incision and reduce scars after the completion of the operation.

During the surgery, the center's specialists are keen on paying great attention to the aesthetic details, which include the shape of the breast, its symmetry, and showing its natural features; In order to obtain natural-looking results.

Types of breast augmentation surgery in Turkey

It cannot be said that there is an ideal type for this process, as there are different groups of implants used that provide special and unique advantages.

After evaluating the case, a member of our medical team will advise you about the most suitable and appropriate type of breast enhancement, and to obtain the best results.

 Among the implants used in Trustus Clinics are the following:

1- silicone gel-filled implants:

This type includes a silicone shell rich in a highly firm silicone gel. It is also called "stable implants”, and this suggests how stable it is, and many choose it, Thanks to its excellent and highly satisfactory results.

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2- Breast implants with saline

These implants need a small surgical incision to be placed, they contain only saline solution, this type has been used in the past and its results are excellent, and it is suitable for women who do not prefer silicone implants and the full shape of the breast.

How much does breast augmentation cost in Turkey?

It is known that this type of plastic surgery is expensive, but do not put the price as an obstacle to achieving your dream, with Trustus clinics, you will get breasts of equal size, with a perfect and amazing appearance at unmatched prices.

عمليات تكبير الصدر في تركيا

We will make sure to provide the appropriate support and care for you, as each case has a personalized treatment plan based on the type of implants, the technique used, and the body structure.

For more information on our price list and available payment plans, you can contact our customer service team.

In nutshell, after all the above-mentioned details, we advise you to take matters seriously and take the initiative to perform breast augmentation surgeries in Turkey under the supervision of qualified doctors, who will evaluate your case free of charge.

In addition to a package of various services from the beginning of your entry to the airport until arriving at the hotel, and the provision of an accompanying translator throughout the treatment journey and the procedure.

Still thinking! Take advantage of this opportunity, renew your youth, and enjoy the appearance of a breast that enhances your self-confidence today.

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Sources: Realself + Miller Cosmetic Surgery

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