Therapeutic tourists in Turkey 2022

Plastic Surgeries in Turkey
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Medical and health tourism is witnessing a wide presence in the world, especially during the past decade; It is one of the most popular types of tourism in recent times
Therapeutic tourists in Turkey 2022

Medical and health tourism is witnessing a wide presence in the world, especially during the past decade; It is one of the most popular types of tourism in recent times, as most medical tourists travel around the world to find the best treatments available at affordable prices and high-quality services.

Regarding medical and health tourism, Turkey has been able to be one of the best countries in the world through its association with medical tourism, it has been closely linked in recent times, and Turkey has achieved excellent results, and high fame in this field.

Turkey's efforts in the field of medical tourism

Turkey at the beginning of the twenty-first century is not at all like Turkey today, as it witnessed huge qualitative leaps in all fields; The Turkish government has sought to develop the health system in the country and has strengthened its investments in this aspect; To reap today the results and fruits of the efforts of those years.

The government has focused on establishing and developing hospitals and increasing their capacities. In recent years, work has been done to establish giant medical cities and hospitals, including Bilkent Hospital, which is the largest hospital in Europe, and the ninth medical city was opened in the capital, Ankara, which It is ranked as the largest in Europe, and the third in the world.

The importance of Turkey and medical tourism globally

Turkey has made a great leap in the increasing number of visitors taking advantage of medical and treatment services, their number increased to 70,000 visitors in 2007, bringing this number to about 600,000 visitors within ten years, with a ninefold growth rate.

Turkey was included in the list of the top 10 countries in the region; It has received large numbers of medical tourists in its accredited hospitals, which are equipped with the latest technology, along with the high level of quality and premium healthcare, natural hot springs, and world-famous hospitality venues, during the past few years.

What is the purpose of medical tourism?

Most medical tourists prefer traveling to treat many diseases that are incurable in their countries, or the high prices of health services in them, compared to what they are in other countries.

For example, as comparison; Dental implants in Turkey are 70-75% cheaper compared to the cost of implants in the UK.

We review here the most important tourist, medical and health purposes for visitors, most notably:

  • Plastic surgery
  • Hair transplant operations
  • Treatments for tumors and cancers
  • Medical examinations and diagnosis of diseases
  • Women disease; Like in vitro fertilization and IVF
  • Skin diseases such as acne, dermatitis, fungal infection, skin cancer, herpes, or warts.
  • Dental such as dental implants, whitening, dental treatment, and care
  • Cardiac diseases and surgery such as valve replacement
  • Ophthalmology, laser vision correction
  • Orthopedic, spine, and fracture surgeries
  • Organ transplantation in adults and children, such as liver and kidney organs

What is the global ranking of Turkey in the field of medical tourism?

Turkey was listed among the top 10 countries around the world that received large numbers of medical tourists; It ranked third with Thailand after the United States which came in first place and South Korea in second place.

Medical tourism in Turkey

One of the most important reasons for attracting tourists is the modern hospitals that provide advanced examination and treatment, with high quality services, qualified staff, and reasonable prices. Consequently, Turkey is undoubtedly one of the most ideal regions for medical tourism and alternative treatments.

In addition to the distinctive tourist attractions in Turkey thanks to the wonderful climate, the clear sea, the perfect beaches, the wonderful thermal springs, the dense forests and the sand-covered plateaus of green natural beauty, the ease of transportation, and the fragrant cultural heritage, and thus the city of Istanbul is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that provides tourist areas Wonderful and attractive.

Turkey is also distinguished in terms of its political and geographical location; being a link between continents, which gives it the opportunity to provide health services to 1.5 billion people, within a flying distance of not more than 4 hours.

Why would you prefer choosing Turkey for medical tourism?


  • The short flight distance to many neighboring countries
  • Human resources and qualified staff at international levels
  • High quality health services
  • Historic attractions and tourist sites
  • Turkey's reputation for its hospitality and culture
  • Availability of modern medical technologies with advanced technological infrastructures
  • Short waiting times as the medical staff is always available
  • Wonderful climate with many thermal sites with a healthy nature
  • Turkish airlines provide access from most destinations around the world
  • Affordable treatment costs at very competitive prices, which are about 70% cheaper compared to the rest of Europe, the United Kingdom, or the United States.
  • Turkey ranks second in the world in terms of the number of hospitals accredited by the Joint Commission International.

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