Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey 2022 l A Beautiful Smile to Enhance Self-Confidence

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Cosmetic dentistry surgeries in Turkey 202, Enjoy an attractive smile and forget about cavities and dental problems, at reasonable prices within the Trustus Clinics, to have stronger teeth and a more beautiful laugh
Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey 2022 l A Beautiful Smile to Enhance Self-Confidence
Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey 2022

Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey 2022 is no longer far-fetched as a bright smile is one of the most important signs of confidence and beauty, but with annoying dental problems and their worrying complications, cosmetic dentistry has become an important matter for everyone.

In addition to its high cost, the old dental treatment and cosmetic techniques have recently been completely replaced, and thanks to the latest dental treatments today, you can get a bright smile more beautiful than a Hollywood smile at affordable prices and high efficiency at the hands of the most skilled dentists in Istanbul within the Trustus Clinics, so you are welcome anytime.


Why cosmetic dentistry in Turkey 2022?

Dental problems may develop into others to become difficult to deal with, and you may be confused about the best place for treatment and how to find a solution to it before it escalates further.

In fact, dental treatment and cosmetic dental surgeries in Turkey 2022 are among the best options available globally especially with the availability of doctors with international expertise, using the finest materials and the latest equipment, at prices that are about 70% lower than those in Europe and around the world.

Indeed, Turkey has excelled in several specialties of dentistry, treatment and esthetics, so we at Trustus Clinics are pleased to provide the best procedures to get rid of almost all dental problems such as:

o big teeth

o Protruding teeth

o Cracked teeth

o Teeth discoloration

o Spaces between teeth

o Loss of a tooth

o Disorders of tooth alignment

On the other hand, cosmetic dentistry requires high skills and a technical outlook, able to provide satisfactory results and special medical care, and while some cosmetic procedures require exceptional attention, most of them are simple and easy, so dental cosmetic surgeries in Turkey are characterized by the desired efficiency, to get treatment and beautification together at the cheapest prices.

What is meant by cosmetic dentistry in Turkey 2022?

A dental performance correction surgeries, which are carried out through one or more sessions, in which the gaps between your teeth or annoying pigmentation are treated, as well as the restoration of all chipped, distorted or misaligned teeth; The main goal is patient satisfaction by giving him or her a wonderful and healthy smile.

Cosmetic dentistry in Turkey

There are many ways used in cosmetic dentistry, depending on the problem that the patient suffers from.

1-Cosmetic teeth whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the simplest cosmetic ways to improve your smile. First, the dentist will clean the teeth to get rid of cavities and bacteria that have appeared on them, then he will start using a special solution to whiten the teeth, and usually it takes from one session to a few sessions to achieve the desired result, as this method is used in the treatment of tooth discoloration caused by:

  1. Smoking
  2. Drink a lot of coffee and tea
  3. Not cleaning and sterilizing teeth regularly
  4. Take some medicine


2- Dental veneers

Thin shells made of porcelain or porcelain covering the surface of the teeth, they are glued to the teeth after cooling and removing a small part of the enamel and reducing its size; To fit the size of the veneers. While materials intended for sticking to the surfaces of the teeth are used.

This method can be used to change the size, color, shape and length of the teeth, and it can also be used to treat other problems such as cracked enamel, cracked teeth, and slightly altering the alignment of the teeth.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey 2022

3- Lumineers

Very thin shells, and unlike veneers, they do not need to be cold, as they are installed on the teeth without the need to remove the enamel, so the pain decreases, and the teeth appear in their natural shape.

This procedure usually needs two or more sessions, depending on the situation, and both types of veneers and Lumineers are made of the best types of porcelain, which have strength and durability, which maintains their luster for a long time.

4- Teeth bonding

Teeth are attached by a resin material that is of the same color as the teeth, then the material is fixed to the tooth using laser or ultraviolet rays, to be cut and shaped to give the desired shape to natural teeth.

This method is used to repair discolored, chipped or cracked teeth.

5- Dental implants in Turkey

Dental implant technology in Turkey depends on the implantation of a small nail that is surgically strengthened in the jaw bones, to then fix the crown of the tooth once the nail has healed, so that it appears as a natural tooth without any unpleasant problems.

This is of course done when the patient loses one of his teeth.

6- Dental bridges

It is also used in the event of a missing tooth, where the crown of the missing tooth is fixed, by strengthening it on the adjacent teeth. Dental bridge consists of 3 pieces, the missing tooth bridge and two bridges, each positioned on one side, and made as one piece to increase its strength and durability, so it lasts longer.

7- Dental crowns

Dental crowns are used over decayed and damaged teeth and to protect weak teeth. They are installed above the gum line to cover the entire tooth and preserve it for several years.

Crowns are made of different materials such as:

o metal alloys

o porcelain

o Porcelain melted with metal

o Resins

o zircon

Crowns are often colored to match the color of the natural teeth, appearing as a natural part of them.

8- Filing teeth

A simple procedure in which part of the enamel is removed, or the size of the tooth is reduced using a special tool. This method is often used to beautify the front teeth, with the aim of reducing their appearance and improving their shape or function.

It is considered one of the important cosmetic methods that help in improving the correct position of the occlusion, away from its tiring problems.

9- Orthodontics

A common therapeutic and cosmetic method that is useful in treating all dental alignment disorders, especially severe ones, such as crowding, protrusion and overlapping of teeth. Therefore, orthodontics in all its forms is one of the most used methods in cosmetic dentistry and improving dental alignment.

Pros of cosmetic dentistry

There are many psychological and health advantages for cosmetic dentistry, among the most important of these advantages are:

  • Enhancing self-confidence: Teeth that suffer from disfigurement, fractures, pigmentation and other problems often cause severe embarrassment, especially when laughing or talking, but with cosmetic dentistry in Turkey 2022, your confidence will return to your sweet smile again.
  • Giving it a special beauty and an attractive appearance, which is one of the most important features of cosmetic dental treatments in Turkey.
  • Maintaining the health of your teeth for the longest possible period, as dental esthetics are useful in avoiding damage resulting from any injury and repairing damage to prevent tooth loss and protect them for the longest possible period.

Cons of Dental cosmetic

Although bad damage after cosmetic dental procedures is rare, there are some complications that must be considered:

  • Sometimes veneers cause teeth sensitivity to cold or heat, due to changing the shape of the tooth by removing part of the enamel to fit the appropriate shape for placing the veneers.
  • Damaged veneers cannot be repaired, but they can be replaced, and this may cause some pain due to a change in the natural tooth structure.

Tips for post cosmetic dentistry

It is necessary to follow some tips to maintain the health of your teeth, and their durability for a long time:

  1. Adequate dental cleaning to protect it from decay and bacteria, use a soft brush and a paste containing fluoride.
  2. . Use of dental floss; To remove stuck food residues and prevent bacterial build-up between teeth.
  3. Revising the dentist every 3 months.
  4. Do not chew hard things.
  5. To protect the teeth from yellowing, it is preferable to avoid excessive amounts of colored foods and drinks:
  • tea
  • coffee
  • smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Curry powder
  • tomato sauce


In conclusion, we hope that we have succeeded in drawing the full picture for you about dental plastic surgery in Turkey 2022, and you can now make your decision to beautify your teeth without hesitation. All you must do is contact our consultants at Trustus clinics to get the most beautiful smile with a free consultation.

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