Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey | Your Fastest Way to a Healthy and Slim Body

Gastric sleeve
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A fit body, a calm mind, a house full of love, say goodbye to overweight and the diseases that accompany it, and enjoy life with grace and high fitness, with the help of the specialized medical team of TRUSTUS, you can now have the gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey, welcome to our clinics!
Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey | Your Fastest Way to a Healthy and Slim Body

Because the rate of obesity is high at the present time, TRUSTUS Medical Clinics in Istanbul offers the most efficient treatment to get rid of obesity and its worrying complications, gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey with the best specialized doctors and in a 100% safe way. However, our clinics guarantee you comfort, satisfaction and happiness.

Why gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey?

In order to say goodbye to obesity and its complications, you must look for an ideal solution in an ideal place, and that is why gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey is the ideal solution for almost all problems, such as heart disease, respiratory disease, diabetes, and blood pressure.

The gastric sleeve operation in Turkey takes place by cutting a large part of the stomach, which is responsible for the constant feeling of hunger, and in this way the person feels full quickly helping him to lose weight dramatically and within a short period, but what are the stages of the gastric sleeve process? What are its benefits and risks? Let's find out.


What is meant by gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey?

A process of removing and isolating the largest part of the stomach, leaving a small part of it like a sleeve, and for this reason it was called a sleeve gastrectomy.


When to resort to a sleeve gastrectomy?

You cannot resort to gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey only because you suffer from a disease of obesity, but it must be among the following cases:

  • Those who suffer from a fat percentage of approximately 40 kilograms, especially if you suffer from diabetes or liver diseases, it is better for you to have a gastric sleeve.
  • People who are obese and the percentage of fat exceeds 50 kilograms. Such people need somewhat urgently to undergo a gastric sleeve surgery.
  • Those who want to reach an ideal weight and can really maintain it later through diets.


Types of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey

There are many common names for this surgery, but they all fall under the same surgery, the sleeve gastrectomy, this sleeve is divided into two types:  

Surgical sleeve - laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, both methods are safe and effective in treating obesity, but the type of surgery is determined after the specialist doctor examines the patient and learns about the nature of his body and his weight, and if he suffers from diseases, then the doctor performs the surgery, and it takes approximately one and a half to two hours.


Stages of the laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy process

  1. The doctor completely anesthetizes the patient.
  2. Surgical instruments and a camera are inserted through small holes of up to 3 cm in length, and the surgery is followed up through an electronic screen.
  3. The abdominal cavity is filled with inert carbon dioxide.
  4. The surgeon isolates more than half the size of the stomach longitudinally and then removes it, so that the shape of the stomach becomes like a tube which reduces the amount of food that the stomach can absorb.


Pros of gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey

Sleeve Gastrectomy in Turkey

  1. Gastric sleeve surgery not only helps to lose weight and improve the shape of the body, but also contributes to the treatment of many diseases that affect the body as a result of weight gain, and its most prominent pros are:
  2. Reducing the size of the stomach and contributing to the feeling of rapid satiety
  3. Getting rid of the joints pain caused by overweight.
  4. No high blood pressure.
  5. Improving the level of sugar in the body, as many diabetic patients have been cured after the sleeve gastrectomy.
  6. Treating the problem of breath shortness, and the ability to practice various activities more gracefully.


Gastric sleeve surgery side effects

Some health complications may appear after the sleeve gastrectomy, but they do not necessarily affect all the cases to which they are subject, and the most famous of these side effects are:

  1. Bleeding and infections.
  2. Feeling dizzy and vomiting.
  3. Hypoglycemia.
  4. Breathing problems.
  5. Leakage from the stomach.
  6. Intestinal obstructions.
  7. Obstruction of appetite and malnutrition.


Tips after gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey

  • Adherence to a diet and avoiding fat and sugar.
  • Chew food slowly.
  • Avoid smoking and drinking alcohol.
  • Do not overeat in order to avoid expanding the stomach.
  • Take vitamins and nutritional supplements after consulting a doctor.
  • See your doctor when you feel any side effects.

sleeve gastrectomy before and after 

Finally, after we learned about the gastric sleeve surgery in Turkey and about its many aspects, you can radically change your life without fear or hesitation, and to learn more and have more inquiries, do not hesitate to contact our medical advisor at TRUSTUS clinics to get a free consultation!

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