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Hair Transplant
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Regain your youthful and attractive look, and say goodbye to baldness at TrustUs Medical Clinics, here you can perform hair transplantation in Turkey without any worries, and the results are 100% guaranteed.

If you are considering hair transplantation in Turkey, you should know that you are in the right place to get the most accurate information; Istanbul is one of the most preferred medical tourism destinations, where many tourists visit it from all over the world.

This is due to its tremendous progress in this important medical sector, and its low competitive prices compared to other European countries.


TrustUs Clinics | The best of hair transplant centers in Turkey

You can bring back your beautiful hair as it was before, through the latest techniques of hair transplantation in the world, provided by TrustUs Clinics Clinics; The best of them all…

Our specialized clinics have dedicated their efforts to provide their medical and cosmetic services, which meet all health and safety standards, while at the same time achieving long-term lasting results.

We take great pride in our impeccable reputation, which attracts visitors from all sides, thanks to the competitive prices, and the professionalism of our experienced medical team, one of the most qualified, with a long history of applying the latest hair transplantation techniques in Turkey and the world.


What is hair transplant?

Perhaps you are now wondering about this process that gives you joy and pleasure again and restores your youthful appearance. In short: a plastic surgery that benefits those who suffer from baldness; Through it, healthy hair follicles are transferred from the donor area to hairless areas.

This process has witnessed a great demand in recent times. Because of its reliable results, as well as the advanced techniques that are used when performing it. However, it can be an effective solution to get rid of the problem of baldness permanently.

Still thinking! Contact TrustUs Clinics, the best hair transplant center in Turkey now! and say goodbye to baldness and enjoy a more attractive appearance.


Hair transplant techniques in Turkey

To ensure the success of the hair transplant process, TrustUs Clinics uses several advanced techniques, among the latest technologies used in Turkey.

Recently, several techniques of varying prices have been common for use, and the number of follicles that can be transplanted in one session.

Many beneficiaries who underwent it praised it for achieving satisfactory and effective results. Which made most of the cosmetic centers accept it; Below is a presentation of the most prominent.


FUT strip hair transplant

Considered one of the most successful techniques used in hair transplantation in Turkey, and it is the oldest and least expensive technique compared to others.

Consequently, it is done by taking a part of the scalp from the area where the hair is thick, usually the back of the head, and then cutting this part into a group of small slices; In order to take advantage of them in different areas of the head.


FUE hair transplant

This technique differs from the previous one, and it is used by many doctors, and it is accepted by those wishing to obtain more accurate and effective results.

In which, hairs with their follicles are taken from the donor area with thick hair at the back of the head, then each hair is planted separately in the parts that suffer from hair loss.

Among its most recent forms are:


1- Hair transplantation with the SAPPHIRE FUE technique

One of the latest hair transplant techniques, the FUE technique, provides a 100% natural result compared to previous techniques.

However, this technique was developed, using special pens made of sapphire gemstone.

The Sapphire pen is an advanced pen used to open channels during the hair transplantation process, and it has a thin, pointed and sharp tip, in the form of the letter V in Latin.

The pointed tip of this pen helps open the channels at a microscopic level, which reduces the risk of injuring neighboring follicles, and reduces the possibility of prominent scarring.


2- Hair transplantation in Turkey using the DHI Choi pen technique

In the advanced DHI technology, a micro-capture device, less than 1 mm in diameter is used to harvest hair follicles.

No surgical incisions are made in the beneficiary area, and therefore no scars are formed as a result, but a tool called Choi pens is used to implant the extracted follicles.

زراعة الشعر في تركيا

This technique gives greater coverage and higher density, and it also gives the doctor the possibility to completely control the direction of hair growth.

This technique is characterized by that the doctor will not have to open the channels using small wounds as in the old techniques but will only drop the follicles to be transplanted directly into the scalp, and this reduces the side effects of transplantation and prevents any surgical scars.

Choi pens are the most advanced technology in the world, with multiple uses, due to their advantages, the most important of which are:

  • There is no need to shave the entire head, which makes it a preferred technique for many people, especially women.
  • It can transplant up to 3000 grafts in one session.
  • If the patient needs a larger number of follicles, he can choose the Mega DHI technique, where the implantation process takes place over two consecutive days, in order to transplant the required number of follicles, which may reach approximately 5000 follicles.

Is hair transplantation suitable for everyone?

The passion and desire that dominates you to find a quick and effective solution to get rid of baldness, is something we know well and appreciate, and here comes our role at TrustUs Clinics, to take your hand on the right path.

We carefully study your case and determine its suitability for a hair transplant in Turkey. Among the most important categories that this process fits:

1- Women who suffer from thinning hair or thick hair loss.

2- If you are one of those who suffer from genetic baldness, and you have a good donor area suitable for FUE.


In general: everyone who is in good health, over 18 years of age, will be able to have a hair transplant in Istanbul safely.


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Does hair transplantation in Turkey take a long time?

We assure you, our valued customers, that the duration of hair transplantation in Turkey does not take much time, only 6 hours is enough to finish it, it is usually divided into two parts, with an interval of 15 minutes between them.

Is there any pain during and after hair transplant?

Some people who wish to undergo such an operation have some ideas that make them reluctant to do it, but based on previous experiences, which were carried out under the supervision of TrustUs Clinics doctors, hair transplantation for men or even hair transplantation for women, does not result in side effects or complications.

Only a slight pain may affect the scalp, and it quickly disappears when taking analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs, which contribute to wound healing and increase the growth of follicles, and you can start your work after several days of transplantation.

Tips after hair transplant

Due to TrustUs Clinics's concern for the health of its clients, we offer some very important tips that must be followed to ensure effective and guaranteed results, and they come as follows:

  • To avoid swelling of the head, a special headband must be worn for two days.
  • Avoid washing the head 3 days before the procedure for hair transplantation in Turkey.
  • When washing the head, stay away from shampoos that contain chemicals, preferably using medical ones.
  • Do not be exposed to dust or rain directly to prevent damage to the transplanted hair follicles.

After this fully packaged offer, we advise you to seriously consider the option of hair transplantation in Turkey; We also invite you to contact our specialized medical advisors at TrustUs Clinics for a free assessment of your case; Then we will be happy to provide the best treatment, medical and cosmetic services, as well as our support services to come to Istanbul.

All this, accompanied by an accompanying Interpreter, who starts with you from the moment your plane lands at the airport, until the completion of your medical trip safely, under the supervision of a group of the most skilled specialist doctors.

Let go of any worries, book now, and enjoy a youthful look and attractive appearance!

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Sources: Tajmeel+ Wikipedia

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