Hollywood smile secrets in Turkey | Do you know the secret of its quality and beauty?

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If it happens that you know how to select the best dental center in Turkey, you will get the most beautiful Hollywood smile in Turkey. Welcome to TRUSTUS Clinics, where dental treatment and esthetic dentistry is our passion.
Hollywood smile secrets in Turkey | Do you know the secret of its quality and beauty?

TRUSTUS Clinics in Istanbul is proud to apply the latest esthetic dentistry techniques, and we keep our secret to designing the most beautiful Hollywood smile in Turkey as our private clinics and medical centers are pioneers in the medical tourism sector in general, and dental treatment and aesthetics.


Why Hollywood smile in Turkey?

Nowadays, Imitating celebrities has become a fashion of concern to many people, especially to get whiter and matrix teeth, in an easy way, bearing in mind that the cost of a Hollywood smile in Turkey is reasonable, the main reason for the high demand for it.

In addition to obtaining a beautiful perfect smile, like the smiles of the stars, the real goals of getting a Hollywood smile in Turkey are the following:

  • Obtaining permanently whiter teeth.
  • Improving the shape of defective teeth.
  • Designing a whole new look by getting a celebrity smile.

The dental lenses that we use in making the best Hollywood smile within the TRUSTUS Clinics are made of E-MAX material, which is a completely safe, with perfect thickness and transparency, resistant to pigmentation, and gives 100% natural smile.

How is a Hollywood smile designed in Turkey?

Hollywood Smile Turkey designs are implemented in a distinctive and innovative way, by installing ceramic veneers on the front face of the teeth, and it has important details, and multiple steps, which we will learn about in this article by TRUSTUS clinics.

Hollywood smile installation in Turkey


What is a Hollywood smile?

Hollywood Smile or Hollywood Smile in Turkey is a special technique for esthetic dentistry, in which an ideal smile is designed, suiting the details of the face, and highlighting its aesthetics.

This happens by installing very thin veneer on the front end of the teeth, through which the color of the teeth can be changed, and their shape, size, and even length can be controlled in proportion to the shape of the mouth and face.

However, it often represents a full and significant change to the shape of your smile and can be described as a complete re-engineering of the teeth.


What is the goal of treatment using a Hollywood smile?

This type of dental treatment has started primarily for cosmetic purposes, but of course it can treat some other dental problems, such as:

  • Discolored teeth (pigmentation of the teeth).
  • Dental fractures and erosion.
  • Dental spaces.
  • Teeth that are not equal in size, length, and shape.


Stages of preparing and implementing a Hollywood smile

Veneers may not include all teeth. The specialist may be satisfied with applying a Hollywood smile on the front teeth only or teeth that suffer from the previously mentioned problems.

Steps to implement a Hollywood smile include the following:


1- Stage of diagnosis and setting of a treatment plan

This step includes exploring the patient's expectations about the treatment, examining his teeth to see which veneers are suitable for him or her, and then the doctor explains to the patient the mechanism used during the treatment.


2- Preparing the teeth for the Hollywood smile to be applied

By removing 0.5 mm of the outer enamel layer on the tooth, and this thickness is equivalent to the thickness of the veneer that will be placed on the tooth.

The doctor then requests a tooth model through the dental laboratory, and this process may take a period ranging from one to two days.


3- The final experiment of applying the Hollywood smile

Before installing the final veneers and applying a Hollywood smile, the doctor will take the following steps:

  • Experimenting with the veneers on the patient's teeth to ensure their size and color and making final adjustments to them.
  • Cleaning the teeth well to install the veneer permanently, using a specially designed adhesive.
  • The doctor may ask the patient to visit him after a few days to check the condition of the gums after the new veneers are attached, and to verify the place of the veneers and their stability.

Hollywood smile in Istanbul


Pros of a Hollywood smile in Turkey

  1. Teeth remain white for a long period of time, thus protecting them from pigmentation.
  2. Provides a natural and safe appearance of the teeth.
  3. It helps in getting a beautiful smile, while correcting some dental problems easily.


Cons of applying a Hollywood smile

  1. Premium veneers materials may be high in price in some countries, but we have them in Turkey specifically within the TRUSTUS clinics, with high quality and excellent prices.
  2. Veneers are not repairable, but they can be replaced if they are damaged, so they need attention and care.
  3. Appropriate color must be chosen carefully, because the color of the scales cannot be changed after installation.
  4. Patient should stay away from some habits, such as crushing ice with the teeth, biting nails, and opening boxes with the teeth.


Golden tips for a beautiful Hollywood smile!

  • Keep using toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash to brush and care for your teeth daily.
  • You must bear in mind that at some point you will need to replace the veneers, because their life span ranges from 5 to 10 years.
  • It is recommended to reduce the amount of food and drink that cause stains, such as tea and coffee, even though veneers used are stain-resistant, but they must be handled very carefully so that they last long in their beautiful shape.
  • When deciding to do a cosmetic and dental treatment in Turkey using the Hollywood smile technique, you should consult your doctor and ask all the questions that come to your mind about this surgery.

So, you can now enjoy a charming Hollywood smile after getting to know its steps and its pros and cons.

To know more and for inquiries about the forms of Hollywood smile in Turkey, do not hesitate to contact our medical advisor at TURSTUS clinics to get a free consultation!

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